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What is a Domain Name?

A web Domain is very important for any business, it gives the organisation a unique identification in the Internet. In the current wolrd where businesses transactions are done remotely, organisations need to adapt to the changes in technology by offering their services and reaching out to their clients via the internet and thus the need for a domain name.

How to choose a domain name?

When choosing your domain name its advisable to consider it to be the name of your website. Though this may seem as an obvious concept. It is not. your domain name should be the selling point of your business website so that your clients and customers do not go through alot of hustle when locating your website. On several occassions the domain name that is similar to your business name may have already been taken, in such instances you may need to buy the domain from the current owner since you might not want to change your business name simply because somebody else have already bought your domain. In instances where you are just starting up your business it is advisable to first of all buy the domain name before your can settle on your busines name.

How a domain name looks like?

Generally your domain name should match your brand name because that is the same name that you use when marketing and advertsing your product. A domain name can be any length upto 63 characters depanding on your taste, but its also advisable that you have a short one that is easy for your clients to remember. It can be generic like toys.com if you sell toys or containing your brand like happykids.com if your toys brand name is happykids

Domain name extensions (.com, .org, .net, and country specific)?

Your domain name can have a number of extensions depending on the area of operation of your business and the nature of the business. For instance if your business offers services within a certain region like in a country, then it is logical to use a country specific extension like .co.ke as compared to another business that is international which may opt for a .com extension

How to get the domain name?

Getting the domain name generally involves registering the domain through the registrar of domains where you have to pay a registration fee and then renew the registration annually. At Twigahost.com you can search and register the domain names. When the name is registered you get the right to use it for one year after which you renew the registration with an equal amountsearch your domain name here.